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Synthetic Adsorbent

TRILITE® GSH-20 is a nonionic, hydrophobic, cross-linked polymeric adsorbent. Its adsorption function came from its macroreticular pore structure, high surface area, designed pore size distribution, and aromatic nature of its pore surface. TRILITE® GSH-20 has excellent osmotic and thermal stability, it could sever a long life cycle by regenerations. It could be used for the selective separation of a wide variety of large organic molecules from aqueous solutions or polar solvents such as plant extracts, antibiotics, and fermentation products.

Physical and Chemical Propertieserties


Styrene-DVB Copolymer

Functional Group 

Ionic Form

Total Capacity(eq/ℓ)

Moisture Retention(%)


Uniformity Coefficient


Recommended Operating Conditions

Operating Temp


pH Range


Bed Depth(mm)

Service Flow Rate(m/h)


Widely used in refining of pharmaceuticals and natural extracts, since these are suitable for adsorbing large molecules because of their relatively large pore sizes and superior adsorption/ desorption. GSH20 is widely used in various industrial applications, especially adsorption, desalting and Decolorization of natural products and small proteins.

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Samyang’s TRILITE Ion exchange resins are produced based on the ISO 9001, 14001 certification. 

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