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Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin, Acrylic, Macroporous Type

TRILITE® ASP10 is an acrylic Macroprous type strong base anion exchange resins. It has functional group of quaternary ammonium. The high porosity of its macroporous structure allows excellent removal of large organic molecules from liquid sugars and other food streams, and provides excellent desorption of the organic color bodies during regeneration eliminating the fouling. TRILITE® ASP10 can be used as a decolorization resin for highly colored sugar solutions on in combination with TRILITE AMP14 where the latter is used as a polisher for very low color final products.

Physical and Chemical Propertieserties


Acrylic-DVB, Macroporous

Functional Group 

Quaternary amine

Ionic Form


Total Capacity(eq/ℓ)

0.8↑ (Cl-)

Moisture Retention(%)

65~75 (Cl-)

Uniformity Coefficient


Recommended Operating Conditions

Operating Temp

Max. 80 (Cl-)

pH Range


Bed Depth(mm)


Service Flow Rate(m/h)



Removing color from highly colored liquid sugar solution

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Samyang’s TRILITE Ion exchange resins are produced based on the ISO 9001, 14001 certification. 

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