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Samyang Corporation participate in WQA AQATECH USA

Samyang coporation is showcasing it’s ion exchange resins, TRILITE, at WQA AQATECH USA. Especially, this exhibition presented TRILTIE Ultra-Pure water resins (UPR Series), uniform particle sized resins (MC, MA Series) and Chromatography resins (MCK Series).

Through this exhibition, it took the opportunity to inform TRILITE to many customer North America and around the world. In addition TRILITE was gained a foothold as a position as a Global Player of the ion exchange resins. TRILITE will perform continuous overseas marketing and inform customers the excellence of the products.

On the other hand, ion exchange resins plant in Korea, Samyang Fine Technology(SYFT), in a joint venture with Samyang Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical, will be operated upcoming end of the this year. Samyang Fine Technology is a manufacturing plant for uniform particle size Ion Exchange Resins. The manufacturing capacity will be 20,000m3 per year.

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