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삼양사 이온수지BU, ‘AQUATECH CHINA’ 전시회 참가

Samyang ion exchange resin TRILITE participated in the 'Aquatech China 2015' exhibition held in Shanghai, China, 10 days from June 12th.

A total of 25 countries, more than 400 buyers at the exhibition was visited TRILITE booths and consulted bussiness opportunity with Samyang Corporation. Especially to promote uniform particle sized Ion-Exchange Resins produced from Samyang Fine Technology.

Samyang Corporation Ion Exchange Resins BU(Bussiness Unit) will be participated in the world’s largest water industry exhibition Aquatech Amsterdam 2015 in November.

On the other hand, ion exchange resins plant in Korea, Samyang Fine Technology(SYFT), in a joint venture with Samyang Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical, will be operated upcoming end of the this year. Samyang Fine Technology is a manufacturing plant for uniform particle size Ion Exchange Resins. The manufacturing capacity will be 20,000m3 per year.

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